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What to Know about the Lenovo System Update Vulnerability – 05.12.2015

What is the issue?

Lenovo System Update validates all system update files as they are downloaded from the Lenovo servers.  However, if the local system contains malware, it is possible that the downloaded updates could be altered before installation creating a race condition. The latest Lenovo System Update release eliminates this possibility.

What should I do?

Our VitalCare clients have already had the update addressed on any systems with the old version. If you are not a VitalCare IT Managed Services client with Network Medics, then you will want to to manually update Lenovo System Update.  You can do this by downloading the latest version from the following URL.

Can we work with Network Medics to have this addressed?

If you are a company with 5-250 users, we would be happy to give a free assessment and address this security issue as a VitalCare client.

Written by: Kevin Calgren, Partner – 5/12/2015