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SMBs are Switching to Proactive Managed IT Services

SMBs are Switching to Proactive Managed IT Services

Network Medics offers to Best SMBs are Switching to Proactive Managed IT Servicest

When it comes to the health of your organization, prevention is always is much better than a cure. Technical issues that cause costly downtime can be avoided when an IT network is proactively managed. For small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), it is virtually impossible to afford an IT staff large enough to manage their IT network efficiently in all areas. Managed service providers (MSPs) offer a solution. With an MSP handling outsourced IT, SMBs can gain the same advantages as large companies with fully staffed IT departments.

Reactive v Proactive Support

Using break-fix solutions is how reactive IT support works. With this approach, support is provided only when there’s a problem. It is costly for an organization’s network to be down for hours and for Wi-Fi to be lost and yet that is how reactive IT works. Business productivity comes to a standstill and online activities with customers may be halted until the problem is fixed.

With outsourced IT from an MSP, advanced monitoring tools are used to proactively address issues before they lead to business disruption. The preventative approach involves strategic management with regularly scheduled maintenance services. Eliminating the high cost of emergency IT assistance represents overall cost savings.

Eliminating Surprise IT Costs with Outsourced IT

With outsourced IT from an MSP, the monthly cost of maintaining your IT infrastructure is predictable and greatly reduces instances of unscheduled downtime.

Reactive IT support results in the expense of emergency IT services plus the cost of downtime, which businesses can rarely afford. It’s impossible to predict when these events will arrive and how expensive they will be.

Research strongly supports the cost benefits of proactive IT support from a managed service provider.


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