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SMB Tips to Avoid Common IT Mistakes

SMB Tips to Avoid Common IT Mistakes

In providing small and medium-sized business (SMB) IT solutions, patterns have emerged that caused us to arrive at SMB IT tips. For instance, many clients with SMBs sought us out as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) because they haven’t been satisfied with their previous IT investments. They usually can’t quite put a finger on what the crux of their problems have been, but we have identified a few suggestions that can usually help most SMBs. The following are our top SMB IT tips.

A Deficiency in IT Spending

The most prevalent IT mistake made by SMBs is failing to allot a sufficient amount of the company finances toward IT. Business growth is usually prioritized, including sales, marketing, and inventory. Spending on critical IT functions is either lacking or made with great reluctance.

Shiny Technology

While many SMBs acknowledge the importance of IT in achieving business success, their practices tend to reflect misguided spending. In most cases, it is an issue of striving to keep up with IT trends, even though expensive upgrades don’t yield benefits toward increased productivity. IT spending needs to go more towards essentials such as data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Departmental Disconnect

As a company’s decision-makers opt for new IT policies and technology, the staff is often left completely out of the loop. Without having had opportunities to provide input, employees are often resentful about major IT changes. Examples are transitioning to the cloud or changing operating systems.

Inadequate Training

After being lured into an investment in new technology, there is typically a lack of sufficient staff training, which IT personnel would provide.

IT Best Practices & Recommendations

One of the many benefits of working with the experts at Network Medics is we have a great deal of experience working with SMBs. We can provide many helpful IT tips, best practices, and recommendations.

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