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Public Safety Technology Solutions

Public Safety Technology Solutions

State and local governments can rely on Network Medics for simple, powerful, and flexible IT Public Safety Technology Solutions that can scale cost-effectively to meet the requirements of today’s modern governments. Network Medics has helped local governments save taxpayer dollars by reducing expenses and increasing efficiencies across agencies and services. Whether you are fire, law enforcement, or the entire department, Network Medics is there to supplement your current IT department or become your IT department.

public safety technology solutions

1. Mobility Solutions

From Ruggedized Laptops to Tablets, Network Medics has the mobile I.T. experience to assist you with the design, implementation, and maintenance of all of your mobility needs. Fire, law enforcement, EMS, or any inspection and safety bureau are responsible for collecting, processing, and sharing vast quantities of data that is vital to protecting citizens and property. Network Medics’ IT solutions for state and local governments will enhance your agency communications and awareness by integrating third-party applications, streamlining support and maintenance, verifying security and accountability, and enabling highly mobile data collection.

2. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Solutions

Evolving FBI/BCA requirements around cloud applications and mobile devices, combined with rising threats, and the need to reduce costs, require special considerations for access control. Network Medics will be there for the design, implementation, and maintenance of the two-factor authentication solution that is right for your department or organization.

Two-factor authentication serves a vital function – by adding additional security to access of government networks, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and cloud applications, protecting the identities of users (CJIS – compliance) and ensuring that a user is who they claim to be. Two-factor authentication ensures that users identify themselves with a combination of:

  1. Something they have – as in a smart card
  2. Something they know – as in a password or PIN
  3. Something they are – as in their fingerprint (biometrics)

Because strong authentication security requires multiple means of identification at login, it is widely recognized as the most secure software authentication method for authenticating access to data and applications. Contact Network Medics today for a needs assessment.

3. Hardware and Software Procurement

Not only are the costs of computer failures substantial, but also the negative effects on business processes are often under-reported. While most organizations are aware of the direct costs of server and computer repair, few organizations understand the indirect costs overall. Network Medics can assist your department with the purchasing, warranty, and tracking of all technology organizational assets. Whether it’s a system refresh from your technology plan or a mobile tablet that is acting up, Network Medics are your resource to keep tabs and maintain all of your mission-critical government network equipment.

4. Help Desk and IT Support Solutions

Are you an IT Manager drowning in help desk tickets? Are you an IT decision-maker trying to decide if hiring or outsourcing IT is the correct choice? Network Medics’ VitalCare Managed IT Solutions for government and public safety is a perfect way to help supplement your current IT Staff or become your government IT department.  All of our technicians are CJIS-certified and ready to help the employees of your government organization.

5. Government IT Projects

From 2FA to SANs to Security, Network Medics can be your source for the design, implementation, and maintenance of government public safety technology solutions and secure government networking needs. All of our engineers are CJIS-certified and familiar with the design and compliance needs of your organization. From a basic firewall re-configuration to a VDI on the new VMWARE Virtual SAN implementation, Network Medics has the experience and talent required for success.

6. Cloud Hosting, Colocation, and Disaster Recovery

From basic 1U managed physical server hosting to 1 virtual machine, Network Medics can be your source for the hosting, cloud, and backup of your government network needs. Our hosted solutions are all contained within an SSAE16 SOC2 compliant, Tier 3 data center located at the SuperComputer Center downtown Minneapolis.  Whether it is a full production environment or basic offsite recovery storage, contact Network Medics today for a free assessment.

VitalCare Managed IT Services from Network Medics will help your government organization with the support, monitoring, and consulting required Public Safety Technology Solutions. The importance of uptime for government critical systems like email is paramount to your success. Our VitalCare Managed IT Services are unique we act as part of your team. We truly allow you to concentrate on running your government and public safety secure network.


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