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NEWS RELEASE: Network Medics Chosen as Minnesota Microsoft Surface Reseller

NEWS RELEASE  | For Immediate Release | 6/5/2015

Network Medics Chosen as Minnesota Microsoft Surface Reseller

Network Medics, Inc. is proud to announce that Network Medics has been selected to be a Microsoft Surface reseller from a large group of managed service providers in Minnesota.  As only 1 of 10 firms allowed to sell the product to business-class customers in Minnesota via Ingram Micro, Network Medics was chosen “…based on reporting [and] had the most promising outlook for [Microsoft] Surfaces sales. We also based the nominations on requests/recommendations. Overall, the decision to nominate Network Medics was because we believe you show considerable potential to sell the Surface products.” – Emily Brown, Microsoft Surface Team

Along with Windows 10 releasing in July 2015, Network Medics is ready to be a trusted Surface reseller and support provider. Network Medics is positioned well with its current campaigns and client base to be a local leader on the Surface product. Network Medics will be providing a Windows 10 and Surface 3 event on August 4th, 2015 which will be open to our clients and private invitation.

Network Medics is excited for the opportunity as the Microsoft Surface is the tablet that can replace your laptop.  It was designed for with your experience in mind which parallels with Network Medics focus on our clients’ experience. With an Intel® processor, Windows Pro, and a click-in keyboard4, Surface works like a laptop and runs desktop software you rely on. It is especially perfect for those on the go and want to be lighter on their feet.

Network Medics is located at 1200 Washington Avenue South, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55418. Network Medics helps small to medium-sized companies protect what’s vital to their business: their operations, sales and reputation—everything that’s dependent on fast, reliable access to your company’s mission-critical systems, software and data.


Written by: Kevin Calgren, Partner