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Network Security Solutions | Future AI Chips?


Network Security Solutions may change dramatically with the advent of TPU Chips

Network security solutions that include firewalls, switching, hardware appliances, etc., could use a huge upgrade in their capabilities in my opinion. Although WatchGuard’s Gateway-AV and other ongoing technology has been helping, a more advanced “sniffing” or intelligence would boost the ability to secure your small business network from bad things like ransomware.

After reading about Google new AI chips on PC World, I thought about how a TPU chip (Tensor Processing Unit) that works more like a human brain then your standard very linear CPU or GPU – may seriously advance security in other areas like even small business technology.

How would a TPU Chip help a future network security solution for your small business?

Imagine if your firewall could do a much better job at learning the “normalcy” of your users, software in action, data at rest, and your business overall. Let’s say you are a business that primarily works in Minnesota, but suddenly has a flood of traffic overseas? It would be nice to be notified – like your bank does on a suspect transaction.

With Network Medics’ private cloud (VitalVM), lets say our redundant rack of Cisco networking equipment had more “artificial intelligence” – it may remove the need for IPS or other current technology that helps prevent a denial of service attack, odd traffic flow, or even issues with networking in general.  From email to files-at-rest, security would be improved to a currently unattainable level.

A few questions that got me excited to think about were:

  1. Maybe you just talk to your firewall and tell it what to do?
  2. Maybe you just talk to Cortana to safely log into your PC?
  3. Maybe this is the next step in our Robot Overlords taking over the world?

Jokes aside, with hacking getting worse and more news-worthy in recent years, I am optimistic that the large technology think tanks we have in this country will get us through to a safer tomorrow.

Living on screens or living in a VR-enhanced world is already here, so making sure your personal, business, and the world’s information is secure in the information age. This will take new overall network security solutions, and I am hoping something like Google AI / TPU chips may help get new technology to market faster.

Written by:
Kevin Calgren
Partner of Network Medics
Minnesota Business IT Consultant

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