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Network Medics Have Arrived Branded Technician Vans

Technician Vans

To wrap or not to wrap – that has been the question for Network Medics since 2012.

Weighing our options and having a good understanding of the Network Medics vehicle investment helped us make the decision whether to purchase and wrap vans. As of today, we are happy to announce we now have a small fleet of Network Medics technician vans in service.

Like many other companies, our main drivers in the decisions were:

  • Service Improvement #1 – We have rolling mobile inventory now, so we have all the right cables, adapters, and hardware to resolve issues quicker then before.
  • Service Improvement #2 – We are able to bring your project network and server hardware direct without the need for 3rd party couriers.
  • Client Communication – You easily know who is in your parking lot and your superstar technician has arrived!

To create our Network Medics vans, we utilized Sign Source in Chanhassen, MN. Sign Source and their team did a wonderful job assisting us with the design process, implementation, and overall experience. We went through 9 different design schemes to which they were very patient and informative on all of the requirements to be aware of when “wrapping” your corporate vehicles.