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Network Medics Celebrates 9 Years of Service

Network Medics Celebrates 9 Years

Network Medics Celebrates 9 Years of Best Practice Managed IT Services

Every year, Network Medics celebrates continued growth of our company and our clients. Since 2008, we have provided quality, ethical, and best practice managed IT services to the Minneapolis/St.Paul 7 county metro area. From cop car tech to virtualization, our take on Managed IT Services (VitalCare) is a proven support model that helps companies succeed.

As usual, Network Medics Celebrates the opening day of the Twins season and it is a big part of our birthday celebrations each year – along with a staff party of course. This is because our first real office was right next to Target Field and became a tradition quickly.

Our office culture has been important to us since day one. We want Network Medics to be THE place for a tech to work and grow within the organization. There are pictures available here from over the years. This year two of our techs were able to go along with two of the partners and enjoyed a cold (beer), yet great day…in the metropolitan club at Target Field as well as dinner at Birch. That’s how we roll with our techs that win.

Our actual birthday date is April 3rd, as that is when we signed paperwork over Big Macs. Looking back, the food should have been something more exciting, but I guess there was some meaning to that for the next several years of a startup with late nights and throwing your health out the window.

Anyway, 9 Years has sure passed quickly – partners hairlines have receded, we’ve had too many lunches at Herkimer, kids have arrived, we’ll be 20 people by end of 2017, but our dedication to best practice, quality techs, and ethics haven’t budged an inch.

We saw and continue to see a major problem with an abundance of UNethical IT companies in Minnesota. I hate to say that having real ethics is what sets us apart, but it is still true to this day. Our low attrition with staff and clientele is proof in the pudding.

Next year you will be at our open house at a big shindig…so if you are a client, keep an eye out for an invite early next year.

Written relatively poorly by:
Kevin Calgren
Partner of Network Medics
Minnesota Business IT Consultant

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