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Managed Security Service Provider

What is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

Today, more and more organizations are turning to managed security services to reduce the workload of their in-house security staff and gain security expertise. Organizations prefer to collaborate with managed security service providers (MSSPs) for several different reasons, and very often this decision is driven by a lack of expertise in certain areas of security, lack of in-house resources, or the need for security monitoring and management outside of normal operating hours. There are also cases where organizations will hire MSSPs to carry out security audits or respond to and investigate incidents.

MSSPs thus provide outsourced management and monitoring of security devices to protect a company’s digital infrastructures. MSSPs connect to an enterprise IT infrastructure via a virtual private network (VPN) or the Internet and then get access to the enterprise’s core security and operational IT components, while a client will be able to access an MSSP platform interface to examine and review the complete status of the security features.

Managed Security Service Provider

6 Benefits of Managed Security Service Provider

Whether an organization fails to have a proper EDR security program or wants to expand its security capabilities, MSSPs are a valuable option because they help with:

1. Monitoring advanced threats

Organizations both big and small are prone to experience cyber threats that are becoming more sophisticated and complex. Some of these threats include advanced malware, Advanced Persistent Threats, and several other malicious attacks. An MSSP used in these organizations will offer refined security technologies along with the latest threat intelligence to provide monitoring and detecting services against growing and complicated threats. MSSPs offering Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) will allow the organization to have an active threat protection program while maximizing security and minimizing costs.

2. Minimizing your costs and maximizing efficiency 

Many companies still hire MSSPs even though they have all the resources to hire specialists and create a team to only handle different processes of an organization. This is true because MSSPs provide managed network security services at a much lower price. This allows organizations to protect their budgets and their network simultaneously.

3. Providing security asset management relief 

Organizations often fail to maximize the full potential of security solutions that they buy and don’t use them. MSSPs will offer all the technical resources and skills a team will need to manage and administer new security assets. MSSPs will also help in integrating the new security assets with the most recent patches, security policy changes, and configuration changes.

4. Offering incident response and event investigation

An MSSP capable of offering incident response and event investigation services will also offer unparalleled experience in managing enterprise security incidents. This will help in preventing any further harm to the organization, ranging from single-system compromises to enterprise-wide interferences by advanced and sophisticated attack groups. An MSSP’s Incident Response team will check the challenges your organization faces and then suggest specific actions using digital forensics.

5. Gaining efficiency from a set of well-tested processes

MSSPs will provide the best processes that have been well-tested on a diverse range of clients. This wide experience allows MSSPs to prove that they also have deployment and operational experience in a wide range of organizations. This experience is capable of leading to planning processes that will help optimize the security monitoring service.

6. Minimizing labor costs

The shortage of skilled security professionals also leads to high costs. With a managed service, organizations will be able to receive 24/7 security monitoring at an affordable cost that fits the budget.

If you are looking for an MSSP that can give your organization all the above-mentioned benefits, Network Medics is here to meet all your requirements. Network Medics is one of the leading managed IT security services providers in Minnesota that will help your company with the monitoring, support, and consulting services needed by your company.

Network Medics’ VitalCare Managed IT Services will allow you to concentrate on running your business. The common services that come with the VitalCare Managed IT Solution include:

  • Application hosting
  • Help desk and remote support
  • Proactive and reactive on-site support
  • Cloud hosting and local servers
  • Project planning and management
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Office 365 or hosted email solutions
  • Secure remote connection to systems and servers
  • Client concierge services with technology planning and vendor advocacy
  • Management of Wi-Fi, servers, computers, and network security
  • Licensing, hardware, and software procurement with warranty tracking
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of workstations, servers, and network equipment
  • Anti-malware, antivirus, spam, and content-filtering protection

Network Medics is here to guarantee a long-term business partnership with your organization. We will work towards understanding all your critical workflows, organizational goals, and business culture.