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Managed IT Services Plans

Your Guide to Various Managed IT Services Plans

Thinking about signing up for one of the managed IT services plans offered in your area? You are on the right track! Deciding to work with a managed service provider might feel daunting or overwhelming at first, but if you have the right information at hand, then you can get the hang of things and create a wonderful business relationship with the service provider that you decide to partner with.

But what plans can you sign up for? Different managed service providers tend to offer different sets of managed IT services plans. It can usually depend on the need, scale, or budget of a specific client. To help you become more familiar with these service plans, here is a quick guide on what you can get from each service tier.

Managed IT Services Plans

1. A La Carte

Under this type of package, a client can specify what specific service they would like to sign up for from a managed service provider. This may not be the most preferred choice for many clients from among the various managed IT services plan available, but it is an option that is available for small businesses.

This is ideal for companies with limited IT funds but might need help with network monitoring, data storage and backup, technical support, system maintenance, and other single-service options a certainly managed service provider may decide to offer. This type of service package may be set for a small monthly fee, starting from $50 or higher, depending on what specific service you avail.

2. On-Demand

On-demand services are also another option for small companies who tend to have their own IT staff but need additional manpower now and then. With an on-demand package, a managed service provider can send in some of its IT professionals to help resolve a certain issue, or simply provide their services over the phone. This type of service may be priced on an hourly basis, which can be around $30, or higher, per hour. It might seem like it’s the most affordable among all managed IT services plans, but if your service calls become more frequent, then the price you pay for this will accumulate in time.

3. Basic

This type of service package is what small to medium enterprises usually sign up for. It can already include several specific, yet basic IT solutions that a small company can make use of. Unlike the other managed IT services plans above, this plan can already include more than one service, delivered regularly. It usually includes network and security monitoring, server management, regular status reports, on-call technical support, and other regular server updates. A company with a regular need for computer use can already be on the safe side with this type of service. Pricing is also reasonable, which can range from around $250 or more, depending on a managed service provider’s specific coverage.

4. Premium

For a premium package, a small to medium business, or even a huge enterprise can already take advantage of more services included in the package. Considering that it’s of a higher tier compared to the other managed IT services plans, services can be more streamlined, and apart from the basic services, the managed service provider can also include daily status reports emailed to the client, custom client portals, and access, as well as regular meetings to discuss the service specifics. Rates for this type of package can range from $400 or higher.

5. Comprehensive

Compared with the lower-level managed IT services plans, this all-in IT solution is a package that many large enterprises can make use of. This type of service, as per the name itself, already includes all types of managed services, with unlimited support access, regular and timely system audits and upgrades, and many more. But this complete package comes with a hefty price, considering the number of services that it covers. Compared with the other managed IT services plans, if your company has a lot of funding for IT, this might be the right service to sign up for.

With various managed IT services plans to choose from, it’s now just a matter of understanding what each plan includes and how they can help you in your business operations. Sometimes, the simplest plan can already suit your needs, while for some companies, especially those with limited IT manpower, a full-on managed service package might be the right plan to sign up for. With Network Medics’ help, you can get the right set of services to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our service plans.

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