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Look Up! You’re an iZombie!

Despite being classified as a real disorder, smartphone addiction is a real and we can probably (quickly) identify someone who rarely puts their phone down.

As technology advances, our reliance on smartphone usage is expected to grow. Now, we’re not the first people to address smartphone addiction.

People were vowing to put down their phones and connect with their surroundings and loved ones. We wonder how long that lasted? Clients ask us about this emerging problem so we thought we’d address it on the blog. Some of us in the office are even taking steps to disconnect from technology (even if it’s hard for us IT folks) and be more involved in conversation and family time.

You can tell if you’re addicted by assessing your symptoms.

Look up Youre an Izombie
Tips to Limit Your Phone Time

  • Leave your phone at home when you’re out with family or friends
  • Set usage limits
  • Turn it off during certain times or occasions
  • Use pre-paid minutes
  • Choose one day to completely disconnect

There are many positives to having a phone, but they don’t outweigh the negatives and possibility to destroy relationships and productivity. Focus your attention on what matters most!