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IT Service Management (ITSM)

What is IT Service Management (ITSM)?

IT Service Management (ITSM) refers to a set of processes and functions that enable aligning IT with organizational goals to deliver value. In other words, ITSM aims at delivering services that have a focus on the end-user besides having an adequate amount of warranty (fitness for use) and utility (fitness for purpose). ITSM operates across the complete lifecycle of a service, starting from the original strategy, through design, transition, and finally into live operation.

IT Service Management

Benefits of ITSM (IT Service Management)

Benefits for a business 

  • Better IT availability and performance increase productivity
  • IT issues are less impactful, less costly, and less common
  • IT can react quickly to any change and innovation in the market
  • IT provides better cost-effective services
  • Employees are aware of what services are available and how to use them

Benefits for IT

  • Scalable and repeatable processes
  • Increased productivity
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Prevention of IT issues even before they happen
  • Identify and address issues that get repeated
  • Analytics to measure and enhance IT’s performance
  • Satisfied end-users with genuine expectations
  • Shorter gaps between detecting incidents and solving them
  • A better understanding of business requirements and why they are needed
  • ITSM processes

Organizations can manage IT services by controlling the service’s capabilities, how it functions, and changes to it, and what happens when it goes through issues. All these processes come under some key categories, mainly defined by ITIL, but then they also appear in different forms in the other ITSM frameworks.

  • Asset management

Services need hardware and software assets to function. These assets will have to be tracked, properly updated, and mapped to illustrate how they interact. Capacity management, asset management, and configuration management deal with these concerns and can be separate or blended processes.

  • Change management

When a particular service is out of step with business expectations, it will have to be altered and expanded. IT will have to determine how these modifications will impact the service deployment, implement them properly, and monitor if the modifications have fulfilled their purpose.

  • Incident management

When an IT service gets interrupted by performance issues, the IT service desk will have to address the issue, restore service availability, make enhancements, and codify procedures to prevent reoccurrence.

  • Problem management

The root cause of any incident is a problem. An IT organization may provide a solution for an incident but not fix the problem, leading to further incidents. Hence, problem management is one key element that will help to permanently fix issues to enhance service delivery and performance.

  • Project management

The transaction of IT services between different stages of the lifecycle at different speeds and at different times is monitored. Project management skills allow IT organizations to maintain logical services and avoid issues like shadow IT or outdated systems.

  • Knowledge management

Knowledge management focuses on preventing duplicated work and discovery by establishing and making available information about IT services.

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