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Why We Are Hire Technicians with Musical and Artistic Backgrounds?

Hire Technicians with Musical Artistic Backgrounds

Techs and Art? Really?

Yes, really. In 10 years as an organization, we see the most success with hiring capable help desk, field technicians, and network engineers with a background in art, music, and education. There is stereotype around being highly techie or a tech support person. It is a person that supposedly works in a windowless dark room, is always a smug jerk if you have an issue, and maybe has a lot of difficulty talking with other people in general.

At Network Medics, we realize that we are in the relationship business first. This means to truly be different than our competitors, we need to have a team with tremendous bedside manner. Based on our surveys, events and client retention rating, we know we are succeeding with our mission of an authentic relationship with our customers. A big factor to this success is our techs are active in bands, DJ-ing, theater, choirs, artists, and teachers – they are not the stereotypical tech.

When our technical team has an ongoing relationship with art, theater, music, and education, we have seen for the last 10 years that there is a direct correlation with:

  • having a more gregarious personality
  • an empathetic support style
  • the ability to not hyper-focus on an irrelevant troubleshooting data point
  • the ability to shift gears quickly
  • thinking on their feet – esp. if they are into Jazz
  • the ability to think critically

Our owners are active in art

Part of the culture of our technical team came from our partners – who are techs too.  Kevin has a B.A. in Music Performance for Bass and Guitar – and has “all of the guitars” on his wall in his office. James is in a Men’s choir and is on the board of Walking Shadow Theater. Patrick has been a successful House DJ as well as plays a mean saxophone. With that level of commitment to the arts, education, AND technology, it has prompted a culture with an emphasis on personal improvement, a successful work / life balance, and seeing the best in each other.

Although this is a bit of showing our secret sauce, at this point we are proud of our team culture and now we are known for it. We are known as “the place to work”, esp. if you have plateau issues in your technology career. Network Medics is place for technical people looking for a different culture to become the best technician and person they can be — and support the arts and education.

If you are a tech, sick of your job, and want to see if you are a good fit with us in an actual career, we talk with anyone interested in finding out.  Check out our office culture and open IT career opportunities.