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Highland Park High School Laptop Donation for Robotics and IT Industries

Highland Park High School Laptop Donation

Highland Park High School Team 2823 likes robotics. Network Medics does too.

Any advancement in technology education has our attention – esp. when it helps the next generation of techies like it does at Highland Park High School in St. Paul, Minnesota. Robotics and IT are amazing industries, but need more talented people. Anything schools like Highland Park can do to get kids interested in IT careers are better for our future. A well rounded personality, excitement in technology, patience, and drive are the cornerstones for any high school student to have that are looking to a future career in technology, web, or networking.

Network Medics recently donated four brand new Lenovo T430 laptops this year.

Team 2823, the Automatons, are the FIRST Robotics Competition team from Highland Park Senior High School in St. Paul, Minnesota. We hope the laptops will assist them with the design, number crunching, and troubleshooting of their robot(s). Their 3 point shooting basketball robot looks awesome, has a lot of physics required, power computation needs, welding/soldering, and many other IT skills that would be needed in technology career areas.

We were ecstatic to give back to a school robotics team like this as we saw ourselves 5-25 years ago. Many of our staff and partners have been interested in technology from a young age – and also hold interests in things outside of networking – like robotics. Many of our staff also have art and music backgrounds, abilities, and use that critical thinking in everyday work life. We feel working on robotics can help these students in any technology career they may choose. Technology is not slowing down, is struggling from a very small unemployment number, and needs a large amount of talented people to fill the needs of the future for cloud computing, robotics, security, database administration, and many other important technology niches. The skills these students are directly and indirectly learning are great fundamentals to being able to work towards any future technology career.

All of us here at Network Medics look forward to seeing what the Team 2823 Automatons create this year and hopefully will be able to view the competition in some form as well. Contact us today if you are a school or technology team looking for support and we will do our best to assist you. If you are a teacher and are looking for some professional technology companies to speak or work with students, we are always open to those opportunities as well.