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Creating an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy to Protect Your Business


Small businesses today are plagued by cyberattacks from viruses, phishing and ransomware. How can you protect your networks and systems from malware? Below is a multi-faceted strategy to counter the intrusion of hackers and cyberthieves.

Prioritize a Cybersecurity Best Practices Culture with Employees

The first step in creating a robust cybersecurity work environment is to train staff about the perils of what lurks over the Internet. Instill rigid best practices regarding appropriate Internet usage, measures that go beyond prohibitions against surfing “NSFW” websites.

It’s vital to establish a cybersecurity awareness culture, one that teaches that users to NEVER open email attachments from unknown senders. Explain why one doesn’t open spam emails. Always ensure mobile devices are protected by VPN apps when using WiFi.

Awareness, Continuing Education and Cybersecurity Policies

Instilling a cybersecurity awareness culture implies that the greatest vulnerability in network integrity is people and the errors they make online. Hackers and cyberthieves constantly create new ways to steal identities, money and sensitive personal data. Your staff must be coached about the tactics these criminals use.

Create open communication between IT management and rank-and-file users who may not understand the catastrophic chain of events one careless mouse click can start. Regularly schedule cybersecurity training and testing to show the importance of safe browsing and what dangers await the unwary user.

Again, it’s necessary to establish firm company policies to strengthen cybersecurity. These policies should be continuously revisited and updated to reflect innovation and best practices. Cybersecurity policies need to address dynamics including:

  • data backup and storage
  • file access
  • passwords and user names
  • encryption of data over unsecured WiFi networks.

Partner with an MSP to “Hold Down the Fort” Against Cyberattacks

While it’s important for organizations to take control of their own cybersecurity, they can also tap into the expertise of a managed service provider (MSP). By establishing a nexus with a trusted MSP, your company can leverage all the resources available from your IT partner.

A services provider such as Network Medics oversees all details that help secure your proprietary data and systems integrity. You might forget to change passwords on a scheduled basis, but we won’t.

We know when software patches and updates are released and install them on your systems ASAP. We assure the security of your networks by always keeping firewalls in place to prevent unauthorized access.

Stay Safe and Stay in Business

Did you know that 60% of SMBs shutter operations within 180 days after a cyberattack? It may be the most serious threat to your business. Last year, small businesses lost an average of $34,604 per cybersecurity incident. Cyberthieves seek out small businesses because they’re soft targets.

Don’t be a cyberattack victim. Let Network Medics survey your existing network ecosystems and infrastructure. We’ll collaborate with your company’s in-house IT staff to offer recommendations that improve cybersecurity and boost efficiencies.

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