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Cloud Services

Cloud Services Essential for Your Business

Knowingly or unknowingly we have been using the cloud everywhere and every day. Right from checking our emails to social media statuses and when we use map apps to check the route to reach a specific destination we are using cloud services. However, we experience each cloud service differently.

To be more specific, the cloud is related to the internet. Cloud computing is all about storing and gaining access to business and customer data on the internet. This helps to save a lot of space in the physical hard drive.

Cloud Services

Uses of Cloud Services in Businesses

File and data sharing – Cloud computing has made sharing of large and complex files and data possible and easier. Business users can access data and files through the cloud from any part of the world.

Big Data Analytics — Using data to make informed business choices is necessary to stay afloat in any market. Cloud computing managed service providers offer big data analytics tools readily available to access in real-time even from mobile devices.

Backup and Disaster Recovery – with cloud computing, the data can be easily backed up automatically at any location. This enables instant data recovery in the event of unpredicted or unprecedented data loss.

Infrastructure Support and Scalability – Cloud computing offers infrastructure support with scalability to organizations. However, around 40% of the companies are only equipped to take up the digital transition.

Mobility – It helps users to access business data, files, and programs from anywhere and anytime.

Security – Cloud hosting companies ensure the protection of user and business data.

Low Cost – The most important reason that drives businesses to choose cloud-based IT solutions is that it is cost-effective. Businesses can take advantage of the cloud-hosted infrastructure rather than implementing expensive on-premise hardware and software installation. With cloud computing, businesses can also avoid the cost that involves hiring employees and software management.

How Cloud Services are Essential for Your Business

Cloud computing can positively impact your business making it scalable, cost-effective, and future-proof.

Savings — Outsourcing the complete IT system to a cloud-based service provider saves a lot of money as almost 90% of the budget is allocated for maintaining and managing the IT infrastructure.

Improves productivity — Shifting to the cloud, organizations do not have to maintain and take control of the infrastructure which helps to save time and money. This helps the organization to focus more on business aspects and setting up business strategies and ensures boosted productivity.

Collaboration — Cloud computing services help developers and experts to collaborate and work together to help develop software and apps at a faster pace.

Insights — Business owners/users can access data from the cloud instantly in real-time. Businesses can take advantage of the big data to make business decisions, deal with new marketing strategies and therefore contribute a lot to growing the organization with effective productivity.

Development — Start-up organizations that do not have enough space and money to invest in their own IT infrastructure systems – cloud computing systems can provide more opportunities for innovations.

A recent research study states that more than three-fourths of the enterprise would shift their workload to the cloud completely by 2022. Therefore. businesses in today’s digital trend are moving their applications and data to the cloud due to its scalability, reduced costs, and accessibility.