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Business IT Resolutions for 2017

business it resolutions

Every year brings new business IT challenges.

Did you just join a gym? Along with your health, it is a good time to review your business IT health. As opposed to yoga pants and water bottles, in this case you need quality technician experience, training, and reporting. Just like your heart, a healthy network runs your company, generates your revenue, and these days your business cannot run without IT. Here are 3 resolutions to go for this year.

Business IT Resolution #1: Network Assessment

Just like an annual physical, a business IT network needs consistent care, monitoring, and review. If you are a business owner and have no idea how your network operates, are looking for a new managed IT service provider, or perhaps an IT Professional looking for some outside honest help, a professional network assessment is a valuable chunk of data to make sure you can make sound technology choices now and in the future. Our VitalCare Managed IT Services customers have at minimum an annual review with us. A mission of Network Medics is to always make sure you know how your technology works and why its important.

Business IT Resolution #2: Password Policy and Permissions

A good password policy has been mentioned frequently on our blog in recent months, because it is extremely important to the safety of your organization. A business IT solution will generally have Microsoft Active Directory that assists you with user names, passwords, password policy, employee access level and folder permissions, allows ease of tracking individual employee actions, and also what devices can access data/email. Basic network wide or Group Policy Permissions, allow us to customize the most secure protocol to your network and business needs.

Business IT Resolution #3: Employee Computer Onboarding and Exit Process

Employee access is often overlooked, but a very important business IT process. In other words, we always want to answer – what happens when an employee is hired or fired? Did they have access to all of your customer contact information? Did they have access to your intellectual property? Could they get into your HR folder? Your network security needs to include what your employees can access and what data they can see. If you cannot answer these scary questions then it is time to make sure you can.

Thankfully these three business IT new year resolutions for 2017 are not time consuming to complete. As a business owner myself, I know you can likely delegate all of this to your staff or, of course, have us give you a hand with it. The most important thing as a business owner when it comes to your business it solution, is having your IT “proven” to you that its secure, that you understand it at a basic level, and that it creates ROI. If your staff or managed service provider is currently not accomplishing this for you, then its time to take action.

Written by:
Kevin Calgren
Partner of Network Medics
Minnesota Business IT Consultant

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