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Reminder: Your Mobile Device Has “All-the-Things”

There was a recent networking event I went to where I was sitting at a table with an eclectic group of professionals in a diverse range of industries. I couldn’t help but notice after a little while that the main topic of “white noise conversation” was about their smart phones – all android or iPhone.

  • 1 person was complaining that the connection was slow at the event and it was causing havoc with posting to twitter
  • 1 person was complaining that their phone kept freezing and they may have to recover from backup
  • 1 person was complaining they were running out of space due to all the videos they had taken of their new baby and iCloud was asking for another $4 to make sure they were backed up.
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As a massive Louis C.K. fan, all I could think of was his segment on “things that are amazing”. Here is a version of his bit that I am talking about, which is definitely not safe for work (NSFW), but thought provoking on how lucky we are these days from a technology perspective.

Personally, even as close as 2008 I lugged around a handheld DV video camera and DSLR camera whenever we would go somewhere with my family. For example, carrying all that tech stuff at the Minnesota Zoo on a hot summer day was not fun, but it was worth looking like the paparazi to capture some great moments with the kiddos on quality technology. Last month (2015), I brought the family to the MN Zoo as we do every summer and I RE-realized how amazing it was that all of that equipment from 2008 was on my phone and how much more enjoyable it made the experience overall. Your smartphone is still the fastest point and shoot camera when it comes to startup and being able to take candid photos – definitely important to parents with young kids.

Anyway, if you are older than 30 and find yourself getting frustrated at your phone, tablet, or other variants of mobile devices, just remember that it puts all of this and much more, in your pocket.

Written by: Kevin Calgren, Partner

Thanks to the amazing Louis CK and Buzzfeed.