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3 Surprising Statistics about SPAM Email in 2014

The increase in SPAM has not only been felt by Network Medics’ customers, but worldwide. We utilize a filtering service to eliminate these nonsense emails and protect the integrity of your network, but SPAM attacks can still unfortunately find their way to our inboxes now and then. However, this issue has been growing every day and we want you to know why. Here are some answers according to Cisco’s Security Team*, the industry-leader in threat detection.

  1. SPAM has doubled since the beginning of the year. In 2013, SPAM messages received ranged from 50-100 billion per month and now has reached 200+ billion a month.
  2. With a service that guarantees to catch 99.9% of SPAM messages, recipients can still expect 20 million emails that will manage to bypass the security system.
  3. In 2014, 1.2 billion passwords were hacked, creating a gateway to a SPAMer paradise.  Not only have they found ways to get around filtering services, they can utilize personal email accounts to send out malicious attacks. The increased risk is a result of emails appearing to come from someone you know.

3 Surprising Statistics about Spam Email
Last but not least, Network Medics takes the security of your private networks seriously and is currently leveraging our longstanding relationships with partners like Cisco and Symantec to finalize a new best-of-breed email filtering service provider for our clients in the coming months.

*For more information on the recent increase in SPAM: Cisco spam