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3 Benefits of Cloud Computing -They- Don’t Tell You

There are certain benefits of cloud computing that are constantly being drilled into the ground. You hear about saving money, scale-ability and storage on demand… And while those are all true benefits of cloud computing, once you begin to actually compute in the cloud – you realize there are even more benefits than you thought.

We came across this article on 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing You Aren’t Likely To See In A Sales Brochure and thought it was brilliant. We’ve experienced several of these benefits with our clients.
3 Benefits of Cloud computing
1. New Business and Time of Year Flexibility

We have many clients who have started new lines of business or even full sister organizations. For those clients who have a VitalVM Virtual Datacenter we were able to spool up new servers or added resources to current servers to make them more powerful and allow for what they need.

In certain cases, with businesses that require more security than their office can handle, we make it easy for our clients to setup and operate their business with disaster protection – all while keeping the security requirements of their industry (SOC, HIPAA, PCI).

Maybe your business needs flexibility certain times of the year? We can make that happen, too. We have clients that spool up and down their network, company, servers or even applications as they need them based on time of year. Overall, it saves them money and is incredibly flexibile to how they need to operate their business most effectively.

How’s that for flexible?

2. Silky, Smooth Mergers & Acquisitions 

We have clients who have merged with larger firms across the country. With the cloud computing technology we’ve given them, we’re able to do a quiet, cross-country migration to their new datacenter. Our rockstar technicians were able to overnight a drive to have them back online the next day for any of the items that were too large to migrate.

We have another client with a virtual datacenter and had recently purchased another firm. We were able to “P2V” (physical to virtual migration) the purchased firm’s servers and add them to our client’s virtual datacenter in order to make their data-merge as smooth as possible. ¬†Once the acquired firm was in our virtual datacenter, the service came back online and we were able to smoothly migrate the data and services to our client’s servers.

3. Segue into Cloud Business

Recently, we had a client with 30 aging servers in their own datacenter. In one weekend, we were able to consolidate and convert all of those servers to virtual servers, bring them to the datacenter and get them back online for their international clients. Now that they are virtual cloud based servers, we can easily migrate, consolidate and merge resources on a whim.

If you think your business could benefit from cloud computing, give us a call or fill out a form on our website. We’d be happy to help find a solution that best fits your needs.